Android 7.0 Nougat spotted on Moto G2 LTE XT1079

Whenever a new version of Android comes out, the excitement around its availability becomes inevitable. Right now, all geeks around the world are waiting for the Android 7.0 Nougat update to drop for their phone, and the users of Moto G 2nd Gen LTE, that comes as XT1079 model no., are not any different.

Now, we’ve some great news for the Moto G2 LTE users. We just spotted Nougat running on the Motorola devices identified as XT1079. Lookie here, this is a listing of Geekbench (a popular benchmark app on Android), and look at the Android OS it’s running.

Given that Motorola is unlikely to update the Moto G2 to Nougat, so chances are more than not of this being an official update under testing at Moto HQ. Rather, this looks like a work of custom ROM, which is being built right now, as we’re yet to see an AOSP or CM14 based ROM popup for Moto G2.

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Technically, even though original Moto G2 is more than two years old today, and thus straight-forward ineligible to make its case for Nougat update, but the Moto G2 LTE variant isn’t — it was launched back in early 2014, so if Motorola follows the 2-year update life strictly, it should be updating the Moto G 2nd Gen LTE to Android 7.0.

But giving it some practical thought, we wouldn’t keep any hopes of that happening, after all, it’s part of the series that was launched two years back.

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And given that Motorola uses stock UI, it’s not like you will be missing a lot of features on unofficial update like this (for Samsung ROMs, it’s a vast change with AOSP ROMs). And while initially the ROM could have some bugs, over the time the issues will be sorted out, and you will be get a good enough ROM for daily usage, running the latest update, Nougat. All in all, even the official update has its share of problems: Nougat issues AIO | Nougat Bluetooth issues.

But anyway, we think we’re close to getting our hands on the Android 7.0 update for Moto G2 via unofficial channel of custom ROMs, and we’d welcome it with open arms. Keep an eye on this page for ROMs, we will be sure to share them with you once they arrive.

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