Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015

In two months, Motorola has launched new devices: Moto E 2015 (2nd gen, Feb ’15) and Moto G 4G LTE (Jan ’15, revision of 2nd gen unit launched in September ’14). There’s a hell lots of similarities between the new Moto E and Moto G, as only size remains the most obvious difference. So, how do you decide which device you want, and why?


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Build

Both new Moto E and Moto G feature a plastic back — unlike the big bro Moto X, there’s no leather or wooden back available here. But it doesn’t mean they lack style, or good design for that matter. Both Moto E and Moto G draw inspiration from the Moto X for their design, which is good, so much that they’re the best looking buddy in their respective range, although a bit arguably. Between these two, though, we’re liking the Moto E more, as it’s got the more pronounced design, much in thanks to the cut for its new unique accessory, Motorola Bands, that’s adding to the beauty.

Moto G is quite good, too, nonetheless, and isn’t very different from the Moto E, featuring the same dimple housing the Motorola logo at the back, which is now a given for a Motorola phone.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Display

With 294PPI, the display of Moto G is more crisp, and thus better too, even though it’s bigger than Moto E thanks to the HD panel in service. Both devices use IPS panel type, btw, but Motorola would have made Moto E very compelling choice if it had blessed it with an HD panel too, in place of qHD one — there are some devices in Moto E’s range that offer HD panel btw, for example, Lenovo A6000 (our review) and Huawei Honor Holly.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Processor

The 64-bit Snapdragon 410 processor is the best of the lot, powering the LTE variant of Moto E 2015, while the regular variant of the same uses the most dull, a Snapdragon 200 chip. The Moto G 2015, on the other hand, packs in Snapdragon 400 processor, which is close to SD410, only a bit less inferior. You don’t have to worry about the performance of any of these processors, because they are quite decent chips that have powered flagship devices in the past, and more so because Motorola uses plain stock Android builds, void of any customization or bloatware on its part, which we know from experience that it results in incredibly fine usage experience on its devices: smooth animations, no lags and stutter-free browsing or interaction with apps. There’s no reason it won’t happen this time around.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 RAM

1GB of RAM is to be found on both Moto E 2015 and Moto G 2015. Draw.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Storage

Motorola has upped the internal storage on new Moto G 4G LTE set of 2015 to 16GB, while the old new Moto G 2014 (2nd Gen) packed in 8GB, same as new Moto E 2015 comes with. Of course, 16GB is 8GB better than 8GB, which is always better. But you do have a microSD card slot at help in both Moto E 2015 and Moto G 2015.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Camera

8MP snapper adoring the back of Moto G is obviously better than 5MP sensor on Moto E’s back, and same goes as regards 2.0MP front facing camera on Moto G against VGA (0.3MP) sensor on Moto E. But, as the case is with Motorola, its camera module in its phones is hardly satisfying, and much cannot be expected with Moto E and G. For what it’s worth, Moto E allows you to open the camera app in Moto X’s style, by twisting the wrist left and right two times, something which Moto G doesn’t, for now. To change to front facing camera, twist one more time. Cool, right?

Battery Life

Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Battery

While the Moto G 2014 employed a 2070mAh battery, the new 4G version of the same houses a 2390mAh battery — 15% more, that’s quite valuable, you see! — same as that of Moto E 2015. Since Moto E has to power a lesser resource-demanding display, its battery will hold out longer.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Software

Both devices run Android 5.0.x Lollipop, without any bloatware added by the company. The useful apps like Motorola Assist and such are the only addition to rest of the software which is pure Android build, in unadulterated form. That’s a big plus!


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 4G LTE

On-board on both devices, just make sure you choose the appropriate variant as regular variants are also available.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Weight

Both of Moto E and G are neither too heavy, nor any light.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Size

It may sound very thick, reminding you of devices that graced earth 3 years back, but due to back cover being a very curvy one, both Moto E and G feel slimmer, and very nice to hold — an art Motorola has perfected. For smaller hands, of course, Moto E is the choice.

Release Date

Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Release Date

Moto E was launched only yesterday, while new LTE toting Moto G has been around for a month.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Price

Like Moto E 2014, the new Moto E will launch at INR6,999 in India, while that of LTE variant isn’t available yet. Globally, Moto E regular version would set you back by $119.99, while the Moto E LTE, by $149.99. The Moto G with 4G LTE costs INR12,999, btw.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Color

Both devices are available in black and white color, with plenty of color options available in their accessories to help you change the device’s back’s color, and your mood.

Dual SIM

Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Dual SIM

Yes and Yes.


Moto E 2015 vs Moto G 2015 Accessories

New Motorola Bands launched with Moto E are quite cool, one you want to use right away, while Moto G’s traditional back covers are amazing too, given the material used and choice of colors available. You’ve a touch choice in selection because really no. of cool options are available, and that’s a very good thing.


The bigger and slightly better display, improved camera, and superior processor is why Moto G could be your choice of device, but it would cost you additional INR6,000, almost $90. While, Moto E’s marginally better looks and new accessories type in Motorola Bands and Motorola Grip Shells have plenty to bend you in its favor, let alone the price — almost half of Moto G for regular version — at which you get the same software which you get on Moto G. In the end, go for the device that fits your budget and needs well — both are quite great offerings! If you are looking for a cheaper one, and small one, Moto E would serve you well, otherwise Moto G still is a charm.

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