MIUI for Galaxy S3 Coming On Friday, July 6?

With a device as popular (and as awesome) as the Samsung Galaxy S3, it goes without saying that the developers in the Android world try to bring all popular custom ROMs to it. And if you follow the trends in the development community, you probably know that the most famous custom ROMs right now are CM9, AOKP and MIUI, with both CM9 and AOKP ROMs available for the Galaxy S3 already.

Now it seems that MIUI – which brings its own unique take on the Android interface and features such as extensive themes support, a unique launcher that forgoes an app drawer and puts everything on the homescreen, and more –  might be coming to the Galaxy S3 very soon. An XDA member by the name of Consan has posted on the XDA forums that MIUI for the S3 is under development and will be sent out to the beta testing team on Friday July 6th, and it is entirely possible we may see the beta being released for the general public as well.

We’re pretty sure a lot of MIUI fans who bought the Galaxy S3 are waiting for MIUI to hit the device, and their wish might be granted very soon. Of course, we’ll have a full step-by-guide to help you flash MIUI whenever it comes out, so stay tuned.