Minecraft Smithing Table Use Explained & How to Make One

Minecraft has been everybody’s favorite game since its inception. Over the past decades, it has managed to become the biggest seller for Microsoft with its expansive worlds and new add ons that can be purchased separately.

A recent update to Minecraft introduced the ability to craft and use smithing tables. If you are looking to learn more about them then you have come to the perfect place. Let’s take a quick look at the smithing table in Minecraft.

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What is the smithing table?

The smithing table is a new block and tool in Minecraft that allows you to upgrade your Diamond weapons and armor to Netherite. Netherite is a much stronger material than diamond in Minecraft which is why many users tend to prefer it. Weapons tend to last longer and so do tools if they are made of Netherite.

The smithing table is a renewable and stackable block that allows you to create tons of upgrade possibilities for yourself in the future.

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Smithing Table Uses

Smithing Table in Minecraft is mainly used for upgrading your diamond gear to netherite gear. The upgrade process requires one block of netherite ingot to help you upgrade any weapon or tool. You can even upgrade your armor using Smithing tables.

Unlike anvils in Minecraft, the Smithing table does not cost you experience points which is quite useful during bulk upgrades. Additionally, they are much easier to find and require comparatively fewer ingredients in most cases.

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How to get the smithing table in Minecraft?

The smithing table is a naturally occurring block in Minecraft. Yet, this does not mean that you can not craft it. You can easily craft the smithing table anywhere as long as you have the correct ingredients. Let’s take a look at how you can obtain the smithing table naturally as well as through crafting.

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How to get smithing table naturally

If you are looking to get smithing tables naturally then you should start looking for villages in the Overworld. Smithing tables can be found in the houses of toolsmiths in these villages. You might have to look around a bit before you stumble onto one but they are not that hard to find. Make sure you are exploring the village toolsmith’s residence and you should be able to find the smithing table in no time.

How to craft the smithing table

To craft the smithing table, you obviously will need access to a crafting table first which you should already possess if you have progressed this far in the game.  You will then need to gather the ingredients mentioned below.

Things you will need

2 x Iron Ingots:

4 x Wood Planks (any):

How to craft

Once you have gathered the above-mentioned material, you simply need to use the recipe below to craft a smithing table.  You will use a 2 x 3 grid where the first two cells will be taken by the Iron Ingots.

The remaining square at the bottom will be taken up by your 4 wooden planks. Once placed correctly, they should yield the smithing table which you can then place in any location that you like.

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Why is the smithing table important?

The smithing table is important because unlike other upgrade methods, mainly anvils, the smithing table does not use up your experience points when upgrading equipment in Minecraft. Additionally, if you have any work penalty enforced for your character then it will also remain constant.

If you use anvils to upgrade your armor, weapons and tools instead then you will use up your experience points as well as incur a work penalty for your character. Hence, if you have a lot of equipment that needs to be upgraded then you should definitely look into the smithing table instead of anvils.

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Can you break down the smithing table?

Yes, smithing tables can be broken down easily in Minecraft. They will yield iron nuggets alongside the wood you used to craft them. If the table is naturally generated in the Overworld then you should be able to get wood from the area around you when breaking the smithing table.

Smithing tables are renewable and stackable as well. They have a hardness of 2.5 which makes it a bit harder to break down using weapons. Using an ax proves to be more efficient when tackling smithing tables. A wooden ax will take around 2.5s to breakdown a smithing table whereas a Golden ax will take around 0.35s.

We hope this guide helped you learn everything you needed to know about Smithing tables in Minecraft. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below. 


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