How to make Netherite Ingot: 3 Methods With Step-By-Step Guide

How to make Nether Ingots

The Nether area update to Minecraft has added a lot of goodies to the pile that helps you do a lot more in Minecraft. Developers have not only introduced new areas but have also added new Nether items with different properties that can help you survive better in the game. One of these items is Nether Ingots. Let’s take a quick look at them.

What are Nether Ingots

Nether Ingots are rare items in Minecraft that can be used to create a lot of indestructible things including Netherite blocks. Nether Ingots are extremely powerful and can be created through crafting but require additional rare items to craft. They are not destroyed by fire damage and are immune to Lava which allows you to use them in different areas that were inaccessible through other blocks earlier.

How to make Nether Ingots

Crafting Nether Ingots is a fairly simple process if you know how crafting works in Minecraft. There are two main ways to source Nether Ingots which have been listed below. Follow the one that suits you the best depending on the items in your inventory.

Method #1

Things you will need

  • A Crafting Table
  • 4 x Netherite Scraps
  • 4 x Gold Ingots

How to craft Nether Ingots

Creating Nether Ingots is a shapeless recipe which means that you do not have to place them in a particular order in the crafting grid. Start by adding 4 x Netherite Scraps and 4 x Gold Ingots to your inventory. Now make your way to the Crafting table and access your 3 x 3 Crafting grid. Simply place the required items in the Crafting grid and pick up the resulting Nether Ingot and add it to your inventory. You should now have crafted a Nether Ingot.

Method #2

Things you will need

  • 1 x Netherite Block

How to craft Nether Ingogt from a Netherite Block

Add your Netherite block to your inventory and then open the Crafting menu. You do not need a Crafting table for this but the method will work with a crafting table as well. Simply place your Netherite block in the crafting grid and break it down to receive 9 x Nether Ingots. Pick up the resulting Ingots and place them in your inventory and you should now have crafted 9 x Nether Ingots.

Can you get Nether Ingots from Treasure Chests

Yes, you can get Nether Ingots from Bastin Remnant treasure chests. The chances of obtaining a Netherite Ingot from these chests is 16.8%. Mind you, this only works in the Java and Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

Can you use Netherite Ingots to repair items

Yes, you can use Netherite Ingots to repair your Netherite tier armor and weapons. You can also repair your tools that belong to the same in-game tier. Let’s take a look at the list of the items that can be repaired using Nether Ingots.

  • Netherite Helmet
  • Netherite Chestplate
  • Netherite Leggings
  • Netherite Boots
  • Netherite Sword
  • Netherite Pickaxe
  • Netherite Axe
  • Netherite Shovel
  • Netherite Hoe

Can you substitute Netherite Ingots for other in-game materials

Yes, you can substitute Netherite Ingots for different elements that have been listed below.

  • Emerald
  • Gold Ingots
  • Iron Ingots
  • Diamond

Are Netherite Ingots a renewable resource

No, unfortunately, Netherite Ingots are not renewable so you should them wisely in your game. They are, however stackable in nature.

We hope this guide helped you easily craft Nether Ingots in Minecraft. In case you have any more questions or queries, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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