Microsoft launches Who’s In, a fun app for creating and planning events

Microsoft has launched a new app on the Google Play Store that solves all the problems one faces while planning any casual group event. The new Android app goes by the name Who’s In, a popular phrase used while proposing an event.

Planning any kind of group event is a huge task. It starts with finding an activity to do – eat out, watch a movie, attend event etc., followed by finding perfect time and place that suits everyone. If you have ever planned a group event on any of the chat apps these days, you would know it is a laborious job. With everyone suggesting different places and time, at one point the chats become exhausting.

But hey, no more. Thanks to the Microsoft Who’s In app, you can now create and plan group events without a hitch. The app is extremely easy to use and helps you in setting casual get-togethers directly from any chat app on your Android device. Yes, the app works for any chat app.

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The app was introduced to iOS in April this year, but now the app is available on Android too. The story doesn’t end there. Although the sender needs to have Who’s In App to create an event, it’s not necessary for other group members to have the app installed on their device.

Further, the Who’s In app works without creating an account. It’s fast, user-friendly and accurate. When you open the app, you will be greeted with four activity options “Eat and drink, Watch a movie, Attend an event and Create your own”. Tap any activity and the app will show you nearby places compiled using Bing search. Select your desired meeting point, then pick a time and send the invitation link to your friends via any chat app. On the receiver’s side, the link will open in a browser if they don’t have Who’s In app on their device. He/she can then confirm their presence in the planned event. What’s interesting is that the creator can select multiple locations and dates/times, which automatically get converted into a group poll on receivers end. Cool, eh?

Interestingly, in 2015, Google also tried its luck with a sort of meeting app known as Who’s down app that let you inform your friends about your availability to hang out. Unfortunately, the app didn’t take off and eventually was shut down. We hope the same doesn’t happen with Microsoft’s Who’s In app.

Download Who’s In app