Microsoft Invoicing Android app launched on Play Store

Microsoft Invoicing

After launching the Microsoft To-Do app yesterday, the Redmond giant has launched yet another app on the Play Store called Microsoft Invoicing today. The time around, the company is targeting businesses with its app.

As the name itself suggests, Microsoft Invoicing app helps its users create, edit, send or accept payment for invoices seamlessly.

The app allows one to send the PDF versions of created invoices to customers detailing the breakdown of expenses.

Besides, the Microsoft Invoicing app also lets users add customers from the phone or edit the already existing ones and the itemized lists easily.

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Further, users can also mark invoices to differentiate the paid ones from the unpaid. You can simply mark a certain invoice ‘paid’ whenever you receive the payment from the customer or mark it ‘unpaid’ depending on your requirement.

Also, users will be able to get an insight on the status of their business via yearly and monthly sales numbers within the app. You can also view overdue payments on the app.

As the app is based on Cloud services, you can access or sync the invoices from anywhere.

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  1. Microsoft seems to be releasing a lot of work and business oriented app to android .Guessing there’s a lot more to come

  2. great Idea!! who would have thought to make money through invoice transfer, great app Microsoft!!

  3. Ever since nokia is stepping into android world, MS seems to have gotten busy releasing is own apps in the playstore . I sense a connection.

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