Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000

There’s a Lenovo A6000, costing INR6,999. And there’s Micromax Canvas Pep, yours for INR5,999. And there’s a situation!

While the A6000 has already won many hearts already, the newly launched Canvas Pep looks to win many hearts. But can it, when the A6000 is only INR1,000 costlier? And is extra spend on Lenovo A6000 really worth it?

Well, you know what, let’s find this out!


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Build

While both Lenovo A6000 and Canvas Pep from Micromax feature plastic build, that of A6000 is more to our liking. Its plain, no-nonsense, sober design wins it for us. Though, for the youngest of our readers, Canvas Pep’s funkier design might look more exciting.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Display

The 5″ HD display on Lenovo A6000 is far superior to Canvas Pep. You should consider this heavily before buying your next device, especially if you’re Canvas Pep’s favor. The difference of INR1,000 is worth the display only, let alone several other factors.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Processor

Again, Lenovo’s A6000 scores over Micromax’s Canvas Pep. The 64-bit chip will be supported by Lollipop Android update, too. That said, processor powering the Canvas Pep is a decent one too.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 RAM

Both devices at par. But, the one with less pre-installed apps will perform better due to more RAM becoming free and available for you the user. It’s a deciding factor, and because Micromax is loading the Canvas Pep sadly with many, many apps, we feel Lenovo A6000’s performance would be noticeably better, because of less load from the already installed apps. Further, Micromax also blocks you from disabling those apps, meaning you have to, have to use them, or at least bear them. Weirdo!


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Storage

It’s a draw.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Camera

A6000’s 8MP camera is a good one but same cannot be said about the Micromax Canvas Pep, whose 5MP cannot be expected to perform too good. More interested in snapping selfies? Well, don’t go for Canvas Pep because it features a meagre 0.3MP cam that asks for forgiveness, while Lenovo A6000’s 2MP front facing camera will not let you down.

Battery Life

Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Battery

Lenovo A6000 scores here, easily. It’s battery life is quite good, and that shows in claims made by both companies in standby and talk times, too. After all, it’s full 600mAh extra, compared to Micromax Canvas Pep.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Software

VIBE UI on Lenovo A6000 is an exciting software, while we cannot say the same about Micrmax’s own custom UI. Both run Android 4.4 KitKat, and while Lenovo has already come out and revealed that it plans to release the Lollipop update for A6000 in coming months, Micromax has remained shy of making any such promise.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 4G LTE

Only available with Lenovo A6000, so +1 to it.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Weight

We don’t know Canvas Pep’s weight yet, but Lenovo A6000 is a pretty light device, that’s easy to hold and work with too because of ergonomic design less weight.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Size

At 8.2mm of thickness, Lenovo A6000 deserves our praise, and while we don’t know the figure-size of Micromax Canvas Pep yet, we don’t think it will be any slim like A6000.

Release Date

Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Release Date

Micromax launched the Canvas Pep only yesterday, that is, February 18, 2015, while Lenovo’s A6000 is now almost a month old. Not much difference anyway.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Price

At INR6,999 ($113), Lenovo’s A6000 costs INR1,000 ($16) more than Micromax Canvas Pep. But it’s well worth it. We would recommend you Lenovo A6000 over Micromax Canvas Pep anytime, without slightest of doubt.

Dual Speaker

Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Dual Speaker

For what it’s worth, Lenovo features dual speaker at its back that features Dolby Digital Plus sound. Nothing such on Canvas Pep. Sound from A6000’s speaker is good, given the price, but nothing extraordinary as such, which is anyway a bit of asking too much.


Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Color

Lenovo A6000 is available only in black color while Micromax Canvas Pep is available in two colors.

Dual SIM

Micromax Canvas Pep vs Lenovo A6000 Dual SIM

Nothing to talk about. No?


Hands down, Lenovo A6000 wins the battle — even though it’s pricey by 16.67% than Micromax Canvas Pep, at INR6,999. For that extra One Thousand rupees, you are getting a much more powerful processor, far better camera and a very beautiful display compared to that of Micromax Canvas Pep. And a promised Lollipop update from Lenovo, too, no less! On the contrary, there is nothing up Canvas Pep’s sleeve which bests the A6000.

Hence, unless you cannot stretch your budget to INR6,999, while you can up to INR5,999 — which would be strange in first place seriously — there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy the Lenovo A6000. Only if INR5,999 is all you got after breaking all old piggy banks of yours, go for Micromax Canvas Pep, but do give consideration to Redmi 1S and Asus Zenfone C, too.

Let us know your thoughts on this, we would love to here your views!

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