Metro UI for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 — Support Specific Roms Right Now

Microsoft hit the jackpot with their Metro UI that debuted with Windows Phone 7, as it was one of the smoothest and beautiful UI’s out there. The colourful tiles, the clean lines, coupled with a very smooth experience made it one of the best looking UI you could find on any mobile OS. Microsoft obviously liked it so much that they even put Metro UI on their upcoming Windows 8 OS, replacing the classic Start menu in Windows with a Metro-style Start menu.

If you own the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and like the Metro UI, you can now get a Metro UI theme on your Tab 10.1 that gives you a Metro-esque homescreen on your tablet. It looks great, with a lot of different colored tiles placed on your homescreen. Of course, it doesn’t have the WP7 specific features like live tile updates, etc, but it gets pretty close with the option to put widgets on the homescreen as tiles. If a makeover is what you are looking for on your Galaxy Tab 10.1, this is perhaps the best makeover you can give it.

The theme is currently supported on Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs, though only a few specific ROMs are supported for now, so make sure you only try it out if your ROM is in the supported list. The theme is available for download, along with further details on the official page on XDA, so head over there if you are considering giving the Metro UI theme a try.

Share your thoughts on how the Metro UI theme looks and works on your Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the comments.

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