Merry Christmas to everyone from The Android Soul team

It has been a long, but undoubtedly exciting year, and we have enjoyed every bit of it right from the excitement of the HTC One series announcement in January, to the nail-biting Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 release in November.

Not to mention all that happened in-between, notably the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in May, and the hype that it inevitably attracts, as well as the very discreet announcement and launch of the Verizon Droid DNA last month, and the release of a new, polished and feature packed version of the Android OS.

And of course, everything else that happened in between on Planet Android, which we have tried to cover and publish for your reading pleasure. Well, the way 2012 has progressed, and with still a week left to 2013, you never know what surprises can spring up, we are more than looking forward to 2013, which is sure to be an even more exciting year for Android lovers.

Getting back to the moment, all of us at The Android Soul, wanted to thank you folks for your continued patronage and support, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We hope all your wishes (especially the Nexus 4 coming back in stock at Google Play) come true, and the Christmas season brings joy and happiness to you and your families. And may the New Year hold many more awesome things for you and your families.

Here’s wishing all of you droids a Merry Christmas, and….May the force be with You!