Meizu Pro 7 designs sporting different placement of rear dual camera and antenna leak out

The Meizu Pro 7 design may be set in stone in the minds of some, but it appears as though the design is still up for grabs.

That seems to be the case as the Chinese Patent Office has leaked a new sketch of the Meizu Pro 7 sporting a different dual rear camera placement than what we’ve just seen in a recent Weibo leak of the device. In the Weibo leak, the Meizu Pro 7 had a horizontal dual rear camera placement; in the new leak from the Patent Office, the Meizu Pro 7 has a vertical camera, leading some to suspect that Meizu is either planning to release two different versions of the Meizu Pro 7 or is still deliberating over the camera placement.

The Meizu Pro 7 leak here from the Chinese Patent Office also shows a circular flash as opposed to the more oblong rear flash on the Weibo leak, with reduced antenna bands as opposed to the Weibo leak.

In any case, one leak could be of an earlier prototype, but the new Chinese Patent Office leak shows a Meizu Pro 7 with a smaller footprint. Could Meizu have a smaller-screened Pro 7 in the works? Only time will tell.

via: Slashleaks