Meizu M5 and M5 Note Europe release nears, certified by P3DN

The Meizu M5 and the M5 Note are soon going to available for purchase in the European continent. Just last week, the devices showed up at the Indonesian POSTEL listings, which also hinted that the Europe release dates are getting closer.

Both the devices are already available for purchase in mainland China, but are yet to be available in other parts of the world. We’re not sure if it is ever going to make it to the United States, but it definitely is coming to Europe very soon.

The M5 has a 5.2 inch display, whereas the M5 Note is available with a 5.5-inch display. The former has an MT6750 processor with 3GB of RAM, and the latter comes with the MT6755 processor and 4GB of RAM. Both these smartphones are reasonably priced in China, offer decent specs, and come with Android Marshmallow on board.

Meizu would also be releasing the MX5s, a budget smartphone, by the end of this month in China. As for the European pricing of the Meizu M5 and M5 Note, the numbers aren’t known yet. We will update as soon as more details and a proper release date is available.

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