Meet the Android and Apple Fanboys in these two funny videos

Here’s something that will lighten up your day,irrespective of which side you’re on. We came across these hilarious fanboy videos for both, Android as well as Apple, and just had to share them with you. The first clip is about a Samsung Galaxy S3 toting Droid fanboy taunting an Apple iPhone user, and the second one is about a hard-core Apple fanboy doing the same.

I think that’s about all that I should be revealing, to avoid spoiling the fun. Go ahead and watch it for yourself .

Android Fanboy

[youtube video_id=”7huae767Rxg” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

Apple Fanboy

[youtube video_id=”FFhjDX-DUew” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

How did you like it? I bet that would have got a smile to your face, after reading about the LG Optimus G locked bootloader.