How to Select a Browser Automatically for Specific URL/Domains

Most of us use multiple browsers. The reason being that there is no single browser which provides all the features we need. And we do have separate gmail IDs in use and one ID per browser is a very convenient deal.

So yeah, we do have to use different browsers for the different IDs or work (professional and home), and also for the feature set each offers. But that also means that we get the nagging apps selection screen many a times, when we haven’t set one browser as default — for obvious reasons — for all URLs.

And that’s where the Browser Auto Selector app comes in. As the name suggests, it organizes and manages the links handled by the different browsers installed on our device.

We can use this app to assign different types of links to different browsers. For instance, we can assign the link “” to the Chrome browser, which means that all the Google links will open in the Chrome browser by default, instead of presenting us with that selection list every time.

Another feature that this app offers is exporting the links to external services. There is support for Hatena Bookmark, Instapaper, Pocket, and we can even share the shortened URLs as text.

The interface of the app is a little complex, however spending a few minutes with it can get you well versed with it. Ads are there, and they bug too, but they’re bearable as they are placed at the bottom, a bit out of the way. You can set up different “rules” for different browsers, i.e., checks that are run every time a link is clicked. The developer is Japanese, so the translations are a little weak, but there is no obfuscation anywhere in the app.

The app is available in 2 versions, a free one, and a paid one. The price of the paid version is set at $1.20, or Rs. 73.32, which isn’t much, considering the features offered. The free version, however, has some limitations, such as:

  • Only 10 rules are allowed
  • Advertisements
  • A confirmation dialog when expanding a shortened URL

The paid version has the following features unlocked:

  • Silent URL expanding
  • Choose a default browser
  • Choose which browsers to display during selection
  • Automatically obtain original URLs if shortened
The Good:
  • Fairly easy to use after the first few minutes
  • Free version has quite a lot of features
  • Premium version is priced right
The Bad:
  • Only 10 rules allowed in the free version
  • The translations to English are a little weak

Get it both versions using the links below.


Let us know your views of the app and how much helpful you found it. We’d love to know from you.