Permanent Root for Nook Color on Linux is out. Also gets you ADB and Google Apps Working!


Rooting the Barnes and Noble’s nook color isn’t anything new, but while only Windows and Mac users had that privilege till date, those using Linux OS can root there Nook Color too now — without going to a Windows PC for help.

Credits for the Linux based root go to ylixir at XDA, who has written a pretty neat guide on how to root Nook Color on Linux PC. Get the full guide here — and for his help, do consider donating ylixir.

And before you head off to root, let us tell you that it’s a very lengthy process indeed. This guide take you everywhere:

  1. Getting ADB working
  2. Enabling USB debugging
  3. Installing Temporary root
  4. Achieving Permanent Root
  5. Finally! Installing Google Apps

Our best wishes to you for this long journey!

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