LG V10 Android 7.0 Nougat update now rolling out in Hong Kong, build 30a

LG V10

Although LG has been rolling out Android security updates to its 2015’s flagship handset, the LG V10, it was not until last month the company rolled out the much-needed Android 7.0 Nougat.

The update is finally arriving on the LG V10 H961N handsets in Hong Kong with the build V30a. Needless to say, it brings along with it all the goodies that Nougat has in its store.

For the unaware, after installing the Nougat update, users can utilize the much-hyped multi-window split screen mode on their V10 handsets. Then there’s the revamped notification shade which bundles similar notifications together.

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The Settings and Quick Settings menu have also received an update. Plus, the Doze — power saving mode has also been improved to provide better battery life.

The update is nearly 1400MB in size so better switch to a Wi-Fi network before hitting the download button. Also, keep a backup handy just in case things go south while installing the update.

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