LG G6 battery life is poorer than LG V20, Google Pixel, Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7

The LG G6 is a magnificent piece of work thanks to the hard work of the Engineers over at LG. But what was the price to be paid in the manufacturing and design of this beauty? Turns out, that cramming a 5.7-inch 1440p display onto a smartphone with a form factor of a standard 5-inch flagship device comes with a serious drawback.

We’re talking battery life here. The 3300mAh battery pack on board the G6 is not only non-removable but is also packed into the a smartphone which is about 7.9mm thick. The G6 has truly departed from the trend of removable batteries which was the USP for its predecessors.

Having a large display like that in a smaller body does make the G6 look a lot taller but let’s not forget that the 1440p 5.7-inch display also outputs at HDR10. That should tax the Snapdragon 821 processor a bit leading to lesser battery life than what can be obtained from a similar device, especially in the case where you’re consuming HDR specific content.

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Based on benchmarks alone, you should get roughly about 6 hours of usage per day. This is similar to the battery life of the previous gen LG G5, the OnePlus 3T and even the LG G4, but well below the LG V20. Considering that this was new tech in the making and the fact that we were expecting the LG G6 to feature a large 5.7-inch display we had hoped that the battery life would increase too like it does for smartphones with similar size displays.

How much Screen on Time that translates to is dependent on the user. Real world usage scenarios vary from power users to casual users. Thankfully Quick Charge 3.0 is there to save the day, well literally in this case.

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The battery on the LG G6 isn’t bad per se, but it’s isn’t good enough either leaving you in that small gray area where you’ll constantly need to be on the alert for when it starts dropping charge.

Via: Phonearena