LG G4 Root achieved without bootloader unlock, finally!

Update (25 July 2015): New LG G4 Root tool is available — go, check it out now — that works on T-Mobile (H811)  and Verizon LG G4 (VS986), as well as international variant H815. The Sprint G4 and AT&T G4 are under plans to add support of, and it shouldn’t take much time now. The root trick discussed below hasn’t been released yet, and while we hope it does, we are too happy right now to pray for its release. When it does, we will be share to update this post asap.

LG’s been pretty shy on opening up the bootloader unlock for more devices than European LG G4 model no. H815, which meant only small no. of users were able to root their G4 using TWRP recovery, installable only after you unlocked bootloader. But that could soon be thing of the past, as developer team over at LGViet have successfully gained root access on their G4.

The LG G4 rooted in this case is model no. LG-F500K and it’s been reported that software version V10n, V10h and V10p have been successfully rooted. Mind you, this G4 variant isn’t supported by LG under its bootloader unlock program, meaning there is now a root solution available for LG finest device to date.

While the root exploit hasn’t been outed yet, we really think it will be available for G4 users as a root tool/script in a matter of time. An LG G3 like root tool would be a big welcome, but such one-click root tool apart, we would welcome any root script even today — it shall be wonderful.

Check the screenies at the top that are enough prove that G4’s barrier was broken and superuser access was duly achieved.

Keep watching this space, we will be sure to share the LG G4 root as and when it becomes available.

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