LG G4 CM13 coming soon

The CM13 ROM for LG G4 was teased earlier on the XDA by well-known developer codeworkx, so we have good reason to believe that CM13 is going to be available for the device pretty soon now.

What’s more, even the list of stuff working, and that not working, is also available. See issues section below for more details on this.


The LG G4 CM13 is a work-in-progress right now, and as development keeps going on, bugs will be fixed and more stable version should come out soon.

Usually, for most devices, CM13 is the ROM that gets you first taste of Android 6.0, if not the only source of 6.0. CM13 release is also widely anticipated for many, many devices.

But LG G4 Marshmallow update is already out officially, and is available for both International and T-Mobile G4 sets, so CM13 remains an alternative to Marshmallow update for LG G4, rather than the only route to Marshmallow.

And official update being official, there are no apparent bugs as you would find on CM13. Although, as always, performance may remain issue because poor choices by LG in software.

Which is why we’re back to CM13 as our hope of best Android 6.0 experience for the LG G4. Once the major bugs are fixed, the CM13 for LG G4 should be a must-try ROM.


What’s working includes: Display, Audio, Wi-Fi, media codecs and camera. While, there are issues with calls, messages, data, Bluetooth, keys, sensors, GPS, NFC, InfraRed, FM Radio, and some other stuff.


Right now, as of November 8, 2015, CM13 is not available for download.

Although, if you know Linux and are used to with make command, you could create one for yourself using the guide available here for: T-Mobile G4 H811 | International G4 H815.

You’d need TWRP recovery to be able to install the ROM. If you don’t have it already, then check out our page on LG G4 TWRP recovery (for T-Mobile G4), and also here (for International G4).

That’s all.

We will be sure to update this page with ROM’s download links as and when they show up. Wait patiently till then, and keep TWRP recovery installed, so that you are prepared and only am install away from CM13 when it’s up.

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