LG also plans shift from plastic to metal, G4 Note may sport a metal case

After much outcry by its consumers, Samsung finally made the shift with its S6 and S6 Edge, ditching the plastic in favor of the hardier, shinier and costlier metal as the build material of choice for its flagship smartphones. The phones were showcased at the MWC just this month and won much acclaim — quite a bit of it for their sleek looks — paving the way for other manufacturers to move towards the metal.

Apparently in the same strain, manufacturing giant LG is getting ready to make the switch from plastic to metal and although the decision may have come too late for the G4, it may be in time for the rumored G4 Note. While we don’t have a fixed timeline for either the metal frames or the Note, expecting a few changes by the year end may be something you could place your money on.


From what we have heard via some well placed sources, LG is getting ready to expand into metal for its complete range of smartphones which while nothing novel — considering most other manufacturers have already made the shift — would still be a wise move. Although, we would of course love to see the G4 in a metal avatar, the time required for such a change doesn’t make it feasible.

The South Korean giant is apparently considering setting up its own manufacturing unit using newer CNCs (computer precision control) which however is something that will take both times and money thus ruling out a metallic G4.

Even if that’s true, one thing is for sure, LG has set its eyes on providing metal casing for its upcoming devices and we can expect the first of them to start rolling out sooner rather than later.