Leaked: A Low Cost, Portrait QWERTY Android 4.0 Device from Samsung

At a time when the hardware QWERTY keyboards are dying slowly and gradually, Samsung seems to have other plans altogether! A newly leaked picture and certain certification data from China reveal a portrait QWERTY handset from Samsung with Android 4.0.4 onboard. As the statistics reveal, this may well pan out to be the cheapest Ice Cream Sandwich phone from the manufacturer and could even give the much-needed boost to this form-factor.

This device, named the Samsung GT-B5530 as per the certification listings, sports a QVGA res (320×240) display and supports 3G . Further, the low-budget credentials of the device are confirmed by the GL benchmark data which shows the processor clocked at 850MHz. The same benchmark also confirms the OS as Android 4.0.4 i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich. Other specs are still unknown at this point of time and we shall be looking forward to any further news as it trickles.

This device which still doesn’t have a confirmed future worldwide, may end-up being a great choice for youngsters and adult texters alike, as has been the case with most such low-budget QWERTY android smartphones. Also, this phone further confirms Samsung’s aggressive market policies which shall continue with the penetration of the lower-end markets and the Ice Cream Sandwich flavour in hand!