Latest Twitter for Android alpha lets you send multiple tweets simultaneously


Looks like Twitter is adding some additional features to its Android app very soon. A new feature, that allows users to send multiple tweets simultaneously, is present in the latest Twitter for Android alpha version.

The stable version of Twitter for Android, version 7.22.0, doesn’t seem to have this feature yet. It seems that Twitter is testing this feature for alpha users, and once it’s all ready, it will be rolled-out to the public.

In the alpha version, the compose tweet screen has a new ‘+‘ button is present on top of the keyboard. You can tap on this button to add tweets, which then show up on the compose screen in sequence. At the top, your avatar is replaced by a ‘Tweet All‘ button. There’s also an option to edit or remove the tweets before you hit send.

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This way, all your tweets are sent back to back, useful when you’re on a rant about something. Twitter recently upped their character limit to 280, but that’s still not enough for some. If you’re one of them, you’ll find this new feature very useful.

The feature is available in the Twitter for Android Alpha version 7.24.0. We’ve included an APK link below if you want to try it out.

Download Twitter for Android 7.24.0 alpha APK

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