Latest HTC U12+ update improves the response of pressure sensitive buttons and camera performance

HTC U12+

Update [July 31, 2018]: According to a report by Android Police, those in the U.S. also are receiving this update and while it brings about the same improvements alongside June 2018 security patches, it carries a slightly different software version compared to what was released in Taiwan two weeks ago.

The HTC U12+ in the U.S. is getting an update that ups the software version to 1.21.617.3 and weighs close to 440MB.

Original post [July 13, 2018]: The HTC U12+ hasn’t been around for long, at least for folks in the U.S. where it only started selling at the tail end of June. Still, one thing that some people have been up in arms about is the poor response of the pressure sensitive buttons that HTC used in place of the typical mechanical buttons we’ve so much gotten used to.

It seems HTC was listening to all these complaints behind the scenes and today, the Taiwanese company has a new software update for the U12+ that addresses some of the issues with the pressure sensitive buttons.

Coming as software version 1.21.709.3 and weighing in at 423MB, the update brings along optimizations that make the pressure sensitive buttons more responsive and synchronized. The update also improves the double-tap gesture on the HTC Edge Sense by making it more responsive and accurate.

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Despite scoring high at DxOMark’s labs, the HTC U12+ has had some mixed camera performances, but with the latest update, you should notice some significant improvements, including the addition of Auto Zoom in the camera app. Although not the latest in town, the update will also bump your device’s security patch level to June 2018, which is still based on Android Oreo.

So far, the update has been released for HTC U12+ units in the home country of Taiwan, which isn’t strange at all. As for other regions, the wait shouldn’t be long. Still, you might want to keep checking the Software update section in the Settings menu to improve your chances of getting the update ahead of others, if such things interest you.

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