Latest Google Wallet app update brings fingerprint authentication and Google Account PIN support

Google Wallet is one of the Google apps, which is not updated regularly, but yes, of course, when an update arrives; it definitely brings new and exciting features.

Continuing the trend, the Google Wallet app has received a new update that bumps the version number to 20.0.158862257 and brings in support for Fingerprint authentication and Google Account PIN.

If you are surprised by the fact that Google Wallet, until now didn’t support Fingerprint authentication, then, yes, unfortunately, it is true. But hey, better late than never. Google Wallet with the new update supports Fingerprint authentication.

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In addition to that, the new update lets you use the universal PIN system for Google Wallet as well. Known as the Google Account PIN, which works across Google apps, you no longer need to remember a separate PIN for your Google Wallet.

Besides that, the update also brings in many bug fixes and visual improvements. For the unaware, Google Wallet lets you send and receive money to anyone in the USA.

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