Kindle Fire HDX TWRP Recovery v3.0 [Downloads and Guide, 7 and 8.9 inch]

TWRP 3.0 for Kindle Fire HDX tablets is now available and if you have one of these tablets, we recommend you to go ahead and install them right away. The given TWRP 3.0 is compatible with both Fire HDX 7″ and 8.9″ tablets.

New TWRP 3.0 features revamped UI that’s much, much cooler than ever, and host of new features. Chief among those features is ability to format the SDcard earlier formatted by the Marshmallow system to be treated as internal storage.

Installation of TWRP recovery on Kindle Fire HDX is easy, and we have covered everything in the guide below. You need to unlock bootloader of your Kindle Fire HDX first, and then follow the rest of the guide below to get TWRP 3.0 in a matter of 10-30 minutes.


Because TWRP v3.0 is quite new right now, and involves many, many changes over v2.8, there are chances that few things might be broken in the new recovery. Hence we are providing both version and version 3.0.0-0 herewith, so that in case the latest version doesn’t work, you can install the older 2.8.x version to have stuff working.

Supported devices

  • Kindle Fire HDX, codename thor (7″) and apollo (8.9″)
  • Don’t try this one any other device with codename different than above!

Important: Check your device’s codename  on free Android app called Droid Info. If you see the codename mentioned above in the app, then use this recovery, otherwise not. BTW, you can check codename device’s packaging box too.


Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.


Backup important files stored on your device before proceeding with the steps below, so that in case something goes wrong you’ll have backup of all your important files.

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1. Unlock bootloader of your Kindle Fire HDX. For this, use the procedure given at this page for this (you need to be on particular software version for this, btw).

Step 2. Install ADB drivers.

Step 3. On your Kindle Fire HDX, enable USB debugging. For this:

  1. Go to Settings > About phone, and then tap ‘Build number’ 7 times or until you see the ‘you’re now a developer’ message pop up.
  2. Go back to Settings, then choose ‘Developer options’. Find the ‘USB debugging’ option and use its toggle button to enable it. Accept warning by tapping on OK button.

Step 4. Connect your Kindle Fire HDX to PC now. You will get a pop-up as shown below on your phone when you connect for the first time after enabling USB debugging. Select ‘Always allow from this computer’ checkbox and then tap on OK button.

Allow USB Debugging

Step 5. Download the Kindle Fire HDX TWRP recovery from above.

Step 6. Rename the recovery file to a simple one, firetwrp3.img

Step 7. Now, open command window in the folder where you have the firetwrp3.img file. For this:

  1. Open that folder and then left click on empty white space in the folder.
  2. Now, while holding shift key, right click on empty white space to get a pop-up as shown below.
  3. Now choose Open command window here option from that.

open command windows here

You will see a command window open up, with location directed to folder where you have the twrp recovery file.

Step 8. Boot your Kindle Fire HDX into Bootloader/Fastboot mode. Run the following command for that.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 9. Test whether fastboot is working alright. For this, run the command given below. (You can also copy paste the command and then use enter key to run it.)

→ Upon running command below, you should get a serial no. with fastboot written after it. If you don’t get fastboot written on cmd window, then it means you need to reinstall adb and fastboot drivers, or change restart PC, or use original USB cable.

fastboot devices

Step 10. Boot into TWRP recovery now. We will not install it directly, but will test it by running it first. When we’re sure it’s working alright, we will install it. Use the following command to test run TWRP.

fastboot boot firetwrp3.img

(You have to use the recovery image’s filename in the above command.)

After entering the above command, your Kindle Fire HDX will reboot into recovery and will load TWRP recovery. Otherwise, it will get stuck, in which case, simply force reboot it by holding power button (or Volume down + Power) for 20 seconds.

if it’s wokring fine, and you want to install it permanently, boot into fastboot mode again. You can do that from TWRP itself, just tap on Reboot button, and then on Bootloader button. When back in fastboot mode, run the following this command to install it: fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

Happy flashing!

Need Help? And let us know if you need any help regarding installation of TWRP recovery v3.0 on your Kindle Fire HDX. Use the comments section below.

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