Is this the Galaxy Note 8?

A new image, of what is supposedly the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phablet, has appeared online. The image shows a very Galaxy S8+ like device with an S Pen next to it.

Yes, we do recommend that you take this with a pinch of salt, as this could be fake. It might as well be the Galaxy S8+ with just an S Pen placed next to it. However, the device does appear to be slightly wider than the S8+.

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So far, we know that the Galaxy Note 8 is going to be a great smartphone, and is reportedly code-named as ‘Great.’ The Note 8 will have a larger display than the S8+, possibly a 6.4-inch one, but we’re not sure.

It has also been reported that the Note 8 would be the first Samsung device to sport a dual camera setup. The battery capacity could be similar to the S8+, as Samsung could find it difficult to include a bigger battery because of the space used by the S Pen. Also, we all know what happened when the company tried to cram a bigger battery into a smartphone last time.

via GizmoChina

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  1. Obviously, the Note 8 will look just like the S8+. I don’t expect any surprises since the Note 7 was no different than the S7.

  2. yeah, looks more like how i imagined it, much bigger screen in a smaller body!! hope they sort out the battery issues this time!! this is going to be the best smartphone of this year!!

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