Is Hyper Scape Cross Platform? All You Need To Know

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s first foray into the Battle Royale genre, and though some might immediately decry yet another Fortnite, PUBG ripoff, the game has some truly innovative, next-gen features that help distinguish it from the countless others in a genre well past its saturation point.

With a novel looting and ability-pickup system, an interesting way for players to stay involved with their squad even post-death, and a unique sci-fi setting that encourages a different, more vertical play-style, the game is steadily picking up more and more hype on the way to eventual release.

Hyper Scape will also feature a special twitch integration that actually allows the audience to vote in and determine map changes mid-match — a pretty wild concept that blurs the line between spectator and player. Alongside a bunch of other tweaks to the weapon looting and victory mechanism, it would seem that Hyper Scape is indeed doing its best to take old staples of the Battle Royale and flip them on their head. And it looks great.

Hyper Scape Release Date

Hyper Scape: Official World Premiere Trailer

Despite the rumor mill currently working at breakneck speed, there is no official release date for either the PC or console versions of the game. Ubisoft has said repeatedly that we can expect the game “Summer 2020”. Seeing as how we’re in June, we can expect to see the game soon.

The game recently wrapped up a super-hyped live technical test on July 8th that had Twitch Drops enabled — drops that included a chance for players to get into the technical test themselves — and gameplay looked stellar.

It would appear that the game is nearing critical mass, and thus we can expect it to be on track for imminent release. Even if they missed a chance to participate in the technical test, PC players can rejoice: Hyper Scape is going Open Beta July 12th for PC.

Is Hyper Scape Cross Platform?

Hyper Scape art showing lofty sci-fi running track

The game is slated to be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox one altogether, and Cross-play, as well as cross-progression has been confirmed. Progress accrued during the technical test and the upcoming PC beta will also be saved onto the game’s Battle Pass and consistent for players should they choose to hop onto the console.

There is no word yet on developing the game for release on PS5 or Xbox Series X, but will likely be on the roadmap should the growing hype-beast be as successful as expected.

Read the Hyper Scape Dev Team’s Reddit AMA here

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