iPhone 16 Might See Some Face ID Design Changes

What to know

  • The upcoming iPhone 16 models could get an overhaul to their Face ID systems.
  • The design changes to the phones could lead to faster authentication, though details are scant. 
  • The rumor comes after Apple pulled the plug on its deal with ‘Coherent’ – the British company that previously supplied the iPhone’s Face ID components.  

The launch of iPhone 16 models is only a few months away, and the leaks have started to pour in. Although there’s very little that can be confirmed until the device is actually launched, most leaks and rumors do tend to get validated eventually. One such recent rumor suggests that the iPhone 16 models could come with ‘design changes’ to the Face ID system.

A report by The Telegraph, a British newspaper, suggests that Apple might be looking to overhaul the Face ID system. This comes on the back of Apple’s Face ID component supplier ‘Coherent’ losing its supply deal with the company. Even though this has spelt disaster for the British supplier, it could mean that Apple might be looking elsewhere for its Face ID system.  

Currently, it’s not clear what level of ‘overhaul’ Apple has planned for iPhone 16. Apple regularly brings such changes to newer models but not all under-the-hood changes lead to new features or noticeable changes.

Still, even as the details are yet unclear, there’s potential for some major changes to the Face ID system which could lead to faster authentication and other such improvements. Between now and September, additional leaks and rumors could shed more light on exactly what the change implies for the upcoming iPhone 16 models.  

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