iOS 15: How To Print to PDF on your iPhone and iPad

Apple’s next mobile operating system – iOS 15, is going to bring a ton of new features to the platform that will change the way you use your iPhone. Not only do you get new and improved features inside FaceTime, Spotlight, NotificationsWeather, Safari, Find My, and Photos, the next version of iOS is also going to make your work easy with a new utility – the ability to save any document to PDF using just the Print function. 

How to Print to PDF a document or webpage on iOS

With iOS 15, you no longer need to rely on an external app or create a new Shortcut action to be able to save a document directly in PDF format. You can now save any document, notes, photos, mail, or webpages in PDF format by using the Print function. 

To print a document, file, webpage, image, mail, notes, or anything that you want to print, open it on any app you created or access it on and pull up the in-app menu to access additional options.

In most apps, the in-app menu will be accessible by tapping the 3-dots button, generally (but not limited to) at the top right corner. The Print option will be available on Safari from the 3-dots button in the bottom Tab Bar and on Mail using the Reply button. 

In apps with no in-app menu, the Print option will be accessible via the Share Sheet that can be accessed by tapping the Share button, generally present at the bottom left corner. 

When the in-app menu or Share sheet appears, scroll down and select the ‘Print’ option. 

This will bring up the Print Options screen on iOS 15 with the item that you’re going to save previewed at the bottom. 

To save the document or file as PDF, tap and hold on the Print button at the top right corner. 

You should now see the file or document available as “PDF Document” with its file size mentioned adjacent to its name. You can now save this PDF document on your iPhone by tapping on ‘Save to Files’.

Next, select the location you want to save it to and then tap on ‘Save’ at the top right corner. 

The newly created PDF document will now be saved to your preferred location on your iPhone. 

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What can you ‘Print to PDF’ on iOS?

The new ‘Print to PDF’ feature can be utilized wherever you can access the Print option inside iOS 15.

We have tested it on Notes, Safari, Mail, Photos, Files, Pages, Numbers, and more; meaning this should work on most apps developed by Apple. 

The feature isn’t just limited to Apple-made apps as you can also use it on many third-party apps that have the Print function. We tested the feature on Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Google Photos; and we can confirm that it works flawlessly. 

That’s all you need to know about printing any document to PDF on iOS 15. 


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