If I Add Someone to My Twitter Circle, Can a New Member See Previous Tweets?

Social media platforms have seen a revival in their user base since the world was plunged into the pandemic. Since then many platforms have introduced new features in an attempt to serve their users better.

Twitter is one such platform that has been hot on the heels of its users with new and improved features. The company recently introduced its latest addition, Twitter Circles. Circles allow you to create a personalized space on the platform with a select few users chosen by you.

Tweets in your circle will then be restricted to only the users selected by you. If you’ve been testing out this new feature then you might have realized that you can add users to your Circle whenever you wish.

But what happens to your past content? Can new users view your old tweets? Let’s find out!

Can new users see my previous Twitter Circle tweets?

Yes, new users added to your Circle can view all your past tweets in your Twitter Circle. Users do not get old tweets in their feed unless they scroll a lot. However, all your old tweets will be easily visible to the Circle member once they visit your profile timeline.

This, however, will differ if you have a protected profile instead. While your Circle tweets will be visible regardless of your profile settings, your replies will respect your profile privacy settings. This means, your reactions and replies to Tweets in your Circle will only be visible to your followers that are your Circle members if you have a protected account.

Users that do not follow you won’t be able to view your reactions or tweets in the Circle if you have a protected Twitter account.

Similarly, users that are a member of your Circle and have a protected account will have the visibility of their reactions and replies limited.

Only Circle members that follow them will be able to view their reactions and tweets. This, however, won’t affect you. As you’re the Circle creator, you will be able to view all tweets and reactions in your Circle.


Here are a few commonly asked questions about adding new users to your Circle on Twitter. Let’s get started.

Can new users share my old Tweets?

No, new or old users can not share your old Tweets from your Twitter Circle. Twitter Circle tweets can not be shared regardless of the status of your user.

Can new users screenshot my old Tweets?

Yes, all your tweets in the Twitter Circle are vulnerable to screenshots from Circle Members. You can find out more information regarding the same using this post from us.

Can new users react to my old Tweets?

Yes, new users will have access to all your previous tweets in the Twitter Circle. This will allow them to react and reply to them as needed.

Can I restrict new users from viewing my old Tweets?

No, there is currently no way to limit or restrict interactions in a Twitter Circle.
We hope this post helped you easily get familiar with old tweets in your Circle. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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