Huawei prepping a 5G smartphone for mid-2019 that will also have a foldable screen


The era of 5G smartphones is upon us and Huawei wants to be spearheading these efforts. Present at the World Economic Forum, Huawei’s rotating chairman Ken Hu talked about the company’s upcoming 5G smartphone which it seems, will also have a foldable display.

It has been reported numerous times that Huawei has set a goal to beat Samsung to the market and be the first to launch a foldable smartphone. We previously heard that Huawei’s device was headed for a November release. Well according to Ken, the handset will actually arrive by mid-2019.

The Chinese tech giant also said at one point that its 5G smartphone should make it out on the market by June 2019. Now we know the two phones are actually one and the same.

Other than revealing that its 5G effort will feature a foldable display, mister Hu did not share any additional info like specs or price.


What about Samsung’s own foldable device? According to the company’s CEO DJ Koh in Septemeber, the phone might make an appearance at Samsung’s developers’ conference in November. However, the executive failed to make it clear whether customers will be able to purchase the foldable phone this year or not.

So it remains to be seen whether Samsung or Huawei will be the first company to bring a foldable smartphone to the market. Who are you rooting for?

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