How to Root Mate 8 Nougat EMUI 5.0 update with TWRP and SuperSU zip

  Update 3 (Dec 10th, 2016): There’s no working build of TWRP as of yet for the Huawei Mate 8.

Huawei Mate 8 Nougat update will be coming soon as the firmware has already been leaked leaked on the interwebs. If you’re someone like us though, you’d be worried about root access on ate 8 Nougat release.

Well, we’ve been able to root Android 7.0 Nougat on our Nexus devices so it shouldn’t be an issue rooting it on the Mate 8 either, as long as you’ve a working TWRP recovery build available for the device.

We haven’t had the chance to test if the current Mate 8 TWRP build works on the leaked Nougat firmware for Mate 8, but if it does work, then you shouldn’t you probably need not worry about root access on it.

With a working TWRP installed, you can easily root Mate 8 Nougat update by flashing the latest SuperSU v2.78 SR4 via TWRP recovery install menu and get rooted.

We’ll update this post with proper instructions to root Mate 8 on Nougat once the update is out officially and is tested by folks over at xda for root compatibility.

Happy Androiding! 

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  1. I have tried this TWRP. You can boot into TWRP, touch is fine. But it cannot flash supersu into system. Got a reboot when I tried to do that.

  2. I also try this TWRP. I can also boot into TWRP. However I cannot flash supersu or any file into the system

    1. Which error do you get when you try to flash SuperSU.

      If the problem is that you can’t select the SuperSU file then it means TWRP is not able to read data on your phone. In that case, you need to wipe device data once using the recovery’s WIPE menu. It’ll work then.

  3. i have problem
    i cant install anything or do factory reset or format data or mount data in twrp recovery
    please help

  4. I can select the file and flash it. However when I flash supersu the phone just reboot. When I try to flash another file. It flashed but nothing happen after that.

  5. When the phone huawei mate 8 is in this recovery, it is disconnected from the PC therefore flash supersu from adb sideload is not possible.

  6. you can/t install supersu , devices repoort
    sideload not working as PC does not recognize device in recovery mode

  7. I did 4 full days of trying to root mate 8 NXT-L29 and stuck. I tried numerous times flashing TWRP and just cannot reboot to TWRP. The best ever happens is it boots into updating package and after 5 it has error. Please help and will greatly appreciate and thanks

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