HTC U11 update rolling out in Taiwan with 4×4 MIMO support for FarEasTone and August patch

HTC is rolling out a new software update to its flagship device, the HTC U11 in Taiwan which brings the August security patch to the smartphone alongside 4×4 MIMO support.

MIMO — Multiple Input Multiple Output, for the unaware, is one of the LTE technologies used to improve the data throughput (faster network speeds) as well as provide better signal performance.

Users of FarEasTone and Taiwan Mobile will be ones that will benefit from the new 4×4 MIMO support.


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In addition to this, as mentioned earlier, the new update, arrives with the software version 1.28.709.6 and installs the August security patch on the smartphone. It also brings along a few bug fixes and important enhancements that improve the device’s performance.

As for the size, the update weighs around 242.86MB. So, it’s better to download it over a stable Wi-Fi network if you want to avoid unnecessary data charges.

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