HTC share One X+ design images with public

The HTC One X is one of the most handsome Android smartphones available today, getting rave reviews for its design from almost everyone. Today, with the announcement of the new and upgraded One X+, HTC has released some behind the scenes images of the One X+ “straight from the designer’s sketchbook”, showing how HTC went about designing the device.

HTC wanted to create a device that people would want to use and hold every day, and it apparently influenced the whole design process of the One X+, with the large, contoured screen, unibody back and raised lens cover, and the premium housing being the key points mentioned by HTC for providing a great experience.

The sketches are a great look at how the designers worked on the One X+ to create one of the best-looking Android devices currently in the market, and I hope this is something they carry forward to other devices and give us a look at their design process as well.

Check out all the design sketches below.