HTC Sense UI Being Ported to Samsung Galaxy S

Galaxy S Sense UI

A simple question to you. What do you know the Samsung Galaxy S for? Well, we expect you to utter the “Super AMOLED screen” as soon as we finished the ques but that’s not all SGS is known for as it suffers from some serious software possession in the form of Sammy’s TouchWiz 3.0.

Ever since the Galaxy S and its family devices launched across the Globe, the more adventurous users — those who charge their phone with bits of ROOT access, leaked and custom ROMs, hundreds of Apps, etc etc — began to make a cry about the screen lags and the overall sluggishness of the SGS.

Even the Androdi 2.2, Froyo hasn’t been launched by the Samsung. Still!

So, guess what where it leads to in the world where HTC’s custom UI Sense is pretty much loved for its not-in-the-face attitude and fastness? Of course, Sense UI for the Galaxy S — it’s been the talk of the day ever since the news came out.

Yeah, you might only be weeks away before HTC Sense UI makes an appearance on the Samsung’s flagship device (eh!). Just like a good family, when anything good happens, they share and so here also, every member of the Samsung galaxy S (that includes, AT&T Captivate, Verizon fascinate, Sprint Epic,  T-Mobile Vibrant and of course the international versions, and the remaining ones) will get the UI for themselves. That’s very loving!

Check out the relevant pages on XDA Forum where the discussion if getting hotter and hotter. CaptivateEpicFascinateVibrant and I9000 Galaxy S

But we won’t ask you to hold your breath for it since it’s gonna take some time before you can even think of importing the Sense UI on your Galaxy S. There are talks about a semi-workable ROM in development but XDAers have themselves said to wait for another couple of weeks before beta is released.

There are still plenty of bugs to work out but we will keep you posted. Development has been going quick, in the past few days we went from black screen to bootloops and finally to a semi-functioning build. Expect to see a beta release in the coming weeks.

As and when it comes, we’ll unplug it fully here including instructions, tips, risks and all that. Be sure to stay with us.

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