HTC Sensation gets another leaked Ice Cream Sandwich Update

A few days ago, we posted an article about a leaked Ice Cream Sandwich firmware  (3.24.x) for the HTC Sensation. And guess what?? Not even a week has passed since then, and we have another brand new update which has leaked out again. This one, like the last time, comes to us from Android Modaco founder paulobrien, who has posted this in his thread over at Modaco.

This is the new 3.25.401.101 Ice Cream Sandwich RUU (ROM Update Utility) for the HTC Sensation. Now before you get excited and start getting your phone and PC ready for some flashing, let me also inform you that Paul’s objective of posting this leaked  firmware, was/is to allow developers to play with the package and figure out what more they can do with it, in terms of custom ROMs, tweaks, mods, enhancements to stock features, and the likes.

After all, you never know if it is an actual leak, or an intended one. I mean, if I were HTC, and I’ve said this before, I would deliberately leak a dodgy firmware,  which could actually break a device if flashed, just to see who’s playing with it and pirating it 🙂 But that’s just me ─ I’m not saying HTC is doing this. So if I were you, I would wait till the developers have had an opportunity to pick at this firmware, and give us some more information and details about it, especially whether it is safe to flash on our Sensations.

About the firmware itself, it appears to be pretty much the same as the previous 3.24.x leak, running Android 4.0.1 with Sense 3.5. As you can see from the screenshot above, there are some visual changes in the look of the homescreen too. Out of the people who have already flashed this build, at last one user has reported excellent improvements in overall performance. So if you want to try it out, you can download it HERE.  This is an .exe update, so just connect your Sensation to PC via USB cable and run the RUU to update your device.

Of course, it goes without saying, but I’ll still say it anyway, that it is recommended to backup your existing ROM, or download a shipped ROM from here, so that you can go back to it, just in case this doesn’t work out for you. If you decide to try this out, do let us know about your Ice Cream Sandwich experience in comments below. We hope it would be Sensation-al!!