HTC Revolver to come at AT&T with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Seriously?

Android 3.0 for Phones? Well, that’s a big statement to make since as of yet, we never heard of anything like that from anyone, including Google, the manufacturers and the carriers. But if you have your faith in a tipster, particularly this one who sent a images of the phone (above) with a spec-sheet (below), an upcoming HTC phone called the Revolver, is headed to AT&T as coming-soon device – supposedly running the tablet-friendly version of android, the Honeycomb, which we believed was meant only for android based tablets.

If you think that the images, specs and the tipster claim are nothing but fake, we wouldn’t blame you since that’s a strong possibility in our books too.

Android Honeycomb Phone

As for the remaining specs as rumored:

  • 1.2 GHz Dual-Core processor
  • 4.3 inch screen
  • LCD display
  • 16 GB memory on-board
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 megapixel camera; with a secondary front camera capable of shooting at 3 megapixel

Surely it’s interesting! We know AT&T is trying hard to ramp up its android line-up of phones – take Motorola Atrix 4G as example – so expecting a dual-core HTC phone is very much acceptable. But can AT&T software team turn the tables and bring the much coveted version of android, the Honeycomb, to phones? We’ll see. By the way, when asked at the event where Honeycomb was unveiled, whether android 3.0 will make it to phones, all that Google officials could murmur was: we don’t know about that but some features of the android 3.0 will definitely get ported to phones.

So maybe, the tipster came to know of some honeycomb features on the HTC Revolver and in all excitement as one android fanboy would have, the guy thought it was the Honeycomb phone!! [Hope, he hadn’t had this honeycomb clock widget only in front of him to make such a claim!]

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