HTC to make a tablet with 4:3 aspect ratio, will be based on Nexus 9

HTC is rumored to launch its own version of Google Nexus 9, with HTC’s custom skin Sense UI on top and everything else that HTC flagship devices are known for.

The rumored HTC tablet is said to have the same dimensions like the Nexus 9, meaning the tablet will most probably also feature the same aspect ratio of 4:3 as Nexus 9 does. Apparently, the 4:3 aspect ratio is now becoming the default choice for upcoming Android tablets as even Samsung is rumored to launch new tablets with the same ratio.

Other specs aren’t known yet for the tablet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it features the same specs as of Nexus 9. As for the release date, the exact release timings aren’t shared but upleaks has assured us that it won’t make any official appearance before Q1 2015 ends.

via @upleaks