HTC Desire Eye vs HTC One E8: Battle Of The Selfie Shooters

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have a growing number of selfie obsessed people here in India and we’ve been seeing a lot of manufacturers in the budget segment trying to impress this selfie generation with high Mega Pixel camera’s on the front, but do they really offer great picture? Nope. But yeah, certainly better than the 1.3 or a 2 MP camera on the front. However, how about we tell you that HTC has launched a phone with a whopping 13MP camera with dual flash on the front that is as good as the camera on its back.

Yes, that’s right! It’s the HTC Desire Eye that just launched in India for a price tag of Rs. 35,990, it’s close to price of the HTC One E8 which also released only recently in India and is the kind of phone from the HTC One series that lies in the classes of high-end phones but not entirely premium like the HTC One M8.

The HTC Desire Eye was launched in developed parts of the world sometime in October and is now launching in India after almost 2 months. The HTC Desire series is for the low-end to mid-end range of devices from HTC, but the Desire Eye with is Rs. 36,000 price surely isn’t a mid-range device. So what makes the HTC Desire Eye special?

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Like we said before, the Desire Eye comes with a 13MP camera with dual flash on the front and the device has a similar 13MP camera on the back too. We have seen local manufacturers in India offer high-end cameras on the front, but picture quality has always suffered in those devices. HTC Desire Eye’s front camera isn’t a marketing gimmick, it’s a full size camera on the front that takes pictures just as good as the back camera does.

HTC Desire Eye Pic 2

Also, the EYE experience software by HTC takes your photography experience to a whole another level. And the HTC Desire Eye is the official smartphone with which HTC launched the Eye experience software. You get a bucket load of camera optimizations on the go with the Eye experience upgrade and coupled with the HTC Desire Eye’s awesome front camera, your selfies turn out better than anything before.

While HTC Desire Eye is a great smartphone, its price also invites worthy competition from one of HTC’s own device, the HTC One E8, which costs only Rs. 5000 less than the Desire Eye at Rs. 31,000. The HTC One E8 comes with a 5MP camera on the front which is also good enough for taking selfies.


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HTC Desire Eye

HTC Desire Eye

  • Design: HTC Desire Eye has a good design and comes with unique colorful bezels that makes the device standout from others and the E8. Color choices are cool.
  • Camera: 13MP camera on front with dual LED flash and a similar 13MP camera on the back as well. You can’t get a phone better than the Desire Eye if camera and good selfies are your priorities.
  • Display: 5.2 inch full HD display (424 ppi)
  • Battery: 2400 mAh
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HTC One E8

HTC One E8

  • Design: A curved design which feels great in hand. And as for the looks, the E8 looks classy with very similar looks to the HTC One M7 on the front side.
  • Camera: 5MP camera on the front and a 13MP on the back. It’s a good setup too, something you won’t find in every phone. But still it falls short when compared to the Desire Eye.
  • Display: 5.0 inch full HD display (441 ppi)
  • Battery: 2600 mAh battery is better
[/column] [dropcap]W[/dropcap]inner: The HTC Desire Eye is clearly a better selfie shooter with its 13MP camera on front with dual LED flash. Also, the device has a slightly larger display and its color choices are far more fashionable than the E8, something which our selfie obsessed generation does care about a lot.
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