HTC 10 update rolling out with August security patch, software version 2.41.709.71

HTC is now rolling out a new software update to its last year’s flagship handset, the HTC 10 (for Hong Kong variants only).

The update is arriving with the software version 2.41.709.71 and installs the latest Android security patch, i.e., August on the smartphone.

Also to come with the update are numerous bug fixes and improvements which enhance the overall performance of the device.

HTC is pushing the update over-the-air currently. In terms of size, it weighs in around 250MB. So, it’s okay to download the update over cellular data.

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However, if you don’t want to waste cellular data or save yourself from unnecessary data charges, download the update over a stable Wi-Fi network.

While you are at it, ensure your smartphone has enough charge left on it before installing the update. Anything above or close to 50% would be just fine.

And as usual, keeping a backup of your personal data handy is always a good practice as far as installing software updates are concerned. There may not be any issues during the process necessarily. But, if you do come across any, the backup will always help.

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