How to Zoom Out in Terraria

Terraria is proof that for a game to be successful, it need not be a graphics powerhouse with ray tracing, high-poly models, and hardware-chewing environments. Some games can be incredible and runnable on a turnip, based solely on its creative vision and gameplay. And while the greatest 2D sandbox game is still going strong across basically all the platforms, there remains some confusion about a few otherwise straightforward features in the game, specifically how to zoom in and out in Terraria.

So, if you’re of burning your eyes out, squinting at the crafting menu for ten minutes before eventually rolling the dice and crafting, just whatever, read on to see how you can take control of the ‘zoom’ in the Terraria game across the more popular platforms such Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, and PS4.


Zooming in and out in Terraria PC requires absolutely nothing beyond a functioning ‘+‘ and ‘‘ key. Press the plus key to zoom in, the minus key to zoom out, and that’s about it: you no longer need feel like a pirate scouting some poor, unsuspecting port town through a spyglass.


PS4 is a little less intuitive. Relatively speaking. In order to zoom out on PS4 or XBOX, open up the Options menu and use the R2/RT and L2/LT to zoom in and out respectively.


Terraria Mobile is pretty much the same as zooming out in anything else phone related; hold two fingers in place on the screen for a second before pinching in/out. This is especially useful for Android and iOS users who tend to have the most UI-related issues with their smaller screens.

How Far Can You Zoom in Terraria

Terraria, by default, is zoomed out to the maximum allowed by your screen size and resolution; zooming in maxes out at 200% of this original value. You can always bind separate keys in the controls menu if for some reason you don’t like the default controls on your respective platform.

And that’s about it. You now know how to stave off the unceasing eyesight debuff that comes with playing Terraria for hours on end.

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