How to Jump Between Sections With Apple Podcasts Transcripts

What to know

  • With Apple Podcasts transcripts, you can jump between sections easily by tapping on the words.
  • Alternatively, you can also hold the words and select ‘Play’. 

While some prefer listening to podcasts linearly, others like to jump between sections. If you’re also reading the transcripts, you can skip between sections and listen at the same time. Here’s how you can skip between sections with Apple Podcasts transcripts. 

How to jump between sections with Apple Podcast Transcripts

There are a few ways to skip or jump forward or backward in the podcast using the transcript.

  1. Firstly, play a podcast on Apple Podcasts and tap on the speech bubble in the bottom left corner. 
  2. In the scrolling transcript, simply tap on the words or sentences where you want to jump to. 
  3. You can also tap and hold on a section until it is highlighted and you receive additional options. Then tap Play.
  4. Alternatively, tap and hold on a section and then tap on Select Text
  5. Once you’re in the full transcript view, select Play and the podcast will skip to where that section is in the podcast.

The words will automatically lead you to the point where they are spoken in the podcast. We hope this guide helped you jump between the sections easily using transcripts. Until next time.


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