How to Install XWJVB Android 2.3.3 ROM on Galaxy S

UPDATE 2: A new Android 2.3.3 Firmware (XWJVH) for Galaxy S i9000 has leaked. And we’ve posted installation instructions for it too. Enjoy! [link below]

How To Install XWJVH on your Galaxy S i9000

UPDATE: We will keep updating this page for other XWJVB stuff — ROMs, Mods, Hacks, Root, etc — as and when they get posted. So, keep watching this space, exciting stuff coming soon.

  • How to Root XWJVB using Chainfire’s method.
  • More links to be added later, when available………

Well, there is new Android 2.3.3 ROM — XWJVB — for Galaxy S on the block and we’ve already got it booting on our Galaxy S. If you want it too, here what you can do to get it.

But, warnings first, as always:

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won�t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components. [info]This guide is applicable only for Samsung Galaxy S international version (i9000). If yours is Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic 4G or any other Galaxy S variant, then this ROM — and Guide — is not for you, and that’s for definite.[/info]

You may already know that this ROM is available in two versions: one with_bootloaders and the other without_bootloaders. Flashing with_bootloaders version is considered riskier than without_bootloaders. But you have to flash with_bootloaders because this is required by Android 2.3, unless you’ve already done that while installing earlier leaked ROMs — XWJV1 or XXJVK. If you haven’t installed JV1 or JVK with bootloaders, you have to install XWJVB with_bootloaders.

We’ve tried this ROM with_bootloaders version and would recommend the same to you. If you’re confused, simply download and install the with_bootloaders version.

XWJVB Installation Video

[youtube video_id=”WuTTctDWW2g” width=”630″ height=”400″ /]

Follow these step-by-step guide to Install XWJVB Android 2.3.3 ROM on your Galaxy S:

  1. Download XWJVB with_bootloaders version. File name — GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3_Sbl.exe. Download Link. Size: 155.64 MB.  [If you already have Android 2.3 bootloaders, download XWJVB without_bootloaders version. File name — GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3.exe. Download Link. Size: 155.41 MB. Apply the procedures below accordingly.]
  2. Double click ‘GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3_Sbl.exe’ and select Extract to let the file extract its contents in the folder “GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3_Sbl” — you’ll get 3 files in this folder:
    1. CSC_NEE_JV3.tar.md5,
    2. PDA_XWJVB_Sbl.tar.md5 and
    3. PHONE_XXJVK.tar.md5.
  3. Download Odin3 from here — Mediafire Link. Extract the zip file to get Odin3 v1.7.exe.
  4. Disconnect your phone if it’s connected to PC.
  5. Switch Off your phone. Wait for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  6. Now, put it in Download Mode — press and hold these keys together: Volume_DOWN+Home+Power.
  7. Open Odin (from step 3). Connect your phone to PC now. You should get the message “Added! !” under the Odin’s message box.
  8. Important, uncheck the ‘Re-Partition’ button. While, keep ‘Auto Reboot’ & ‘F. Reset Time’ boxes checked.
  9. In Odin, place these files (check out the screenshot given at the top for help):
    1. In the PDA box, select this file (from step 2.2) — PDA_XWJVB_Sbl.tar.md5
    2. In the Phone box, select this file (from step 2.3) — PHONE_XXJVK.tar.md5
    3. In the CSC box, select this file (from step 2.1) — CSC_NEE_JV3.tar.md5
    4. Leave the PIT box empty.
  10. Double check everything said in step 7, 8 and 9 above.
  11. Now, hit the START button to let the process begin.
  12. When process at Odin finishes your phone will automatically reboot. You can unplug the cable now.
  13. When your phone has restarted, you are on the XWJVB running Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). Congrats!
  14. Check your phone’s version by here: Press Options -> Settings -> Scroll down and select About Phone -> Scroll down and check your version.

Benchmarks, for what it’s worth.

Linkpack Score Quadrant Score Smartbench 2010 Score

XWJVB ROM Highlights

[youtube video_id=”5i9HrJ_zlNE” width=”620″ height=”380″ /] [valid] Want to get root access on XWJVB? Well, just wait a little bit till we come up with a guide (using chainfire’s root method) for that too. [/valid] [info]If you experience any problem in installing the ROM with the steps given above, try flashing the ROM again, but with 512 PIT file this time. Download the Pit file from here. Extract the downloaded file to get the Pit File. Then, select the Pit file in Odin’s Pit box this time (step 9.4 above) and keep the ‘Re-Partition’ box (in step 8 above) checked too. All other things same as in steps given above.[/info]

Let us know in comments below how XWJVB Android 2.3.3 ROM works on your Galaxy S (i9000).


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