How to improve OnePlus 7 Pro audio quality

Improve OnePlus 7 Pro audio

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the first device from the company with stereo speakers and even better is that OnePlus went all out with support for Dolby Atmos for superior audio quality. But it seems this is only on paper, at least according to affected users out there.

For some reason, the device isn’t performing to the best of its quality, even compared to its predecessors, OnePlus 6 and 6T. This is especially when connected to Android Auto for USB or Bluetooth, where the device has overpowered and muddy bass, low midrange without details and garbled high frequencies, almost like phased or the wrong bitrate of playing.

Luckily, Android always has room for tweaking stuff to one’s liking and in the case of improving OnePlus 7 Pro audio quality, we have the Viper4Android mod.

How to get better sound on OnePlus 7

It’s worth noting that installing Viper4Android on your OnePlus 7 Pro requires root access, so be sure you are up for this.

  1. Go to the Viper4Android download page here.
  2. Download and install
  3. Open the app and it will ask for root
  4. Install driver and reboot
  5. Unzip from step 1 above and move VIPER4Android folder to root of SDCard

Note that the above is a magisk module, so you don’t need to install TWRP.

Alternatively, you can also turn to the installable Dolby Atmos that allows you to disable the crappy Dolby Atmos that comes with the device. The sound quality is further bettered by forcing APTx HD for Bluetooth in the developer settings, but unfortunately, this doesn’t work for Android Auto connection via USB.


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