How to hide and unhide replies on your tweets

Twitter has certainly come a long way. It’s more than a social media platform now, especially now that it has become a hotbed for hashtag activism. From #MeToo to #Covfefe, issues ranging from fundamental rights violations to typo error speculations completely blew up on the internet, all thanks to global access to this social media app.

Total access also has its downsides though. Not everyone on Twitter contributes to the actual conversation as much using it for their own advantage or just to be downright offensive. This can be really unfair if you want to author a relevant or meaningful conversation.

Which is why Twitter has started testing out a new feature which will enable you to have better control of the conversation by allowing you to hide replies to your tweet. This feature will be tested in Canada starting next week.

How to hide replies

It’s pretty simple.

  1. Post a tweet and let the replies start.
  2. Tap/click on the dropdown arrow on the top right of a reply.
  3. Select Hide reply. The reply tweet will be hidden from the thread.

Twitter will take action based on feedback from Canadian Twitter users before rolling out this feature globally.

How to unhide a reply

unhide hidden reply

  1. View the hidden replies as given here. You simply need to click the grey icon (placed right to the time of the tweet) to reveal hidden replies.
  2. If you are an author of the tweet, you can unhide a reply from here. Click the down arrow and select Unhide reply.


What do you think about this feature? Do let us know in the comments!

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