How to get the Glub Glub Hat in Minecraft

Get Glub Glub Hat in Minecraft

Minecraft offers multiple ways to customize your avatar which gives you a sense of personalization in the game. You can equip capes, armor, and different hats to make your character look the way you want. Some of these items are hidden behind achievements and can only be obtained once you complete them. So if you are looking to get the ‘Glub Glub hat’ then you will have to complete the ‘Moskstraumen’ achievement in Minecraft. Let’s take a look at the process.

What is Glub Glub hat

As per the MINECON Live 2019, the Glub Glub hat is a reward for the achievement of “Moskstraumen”. Completing this achievement will reward you with the Glub Glub hat. It will also unlock the ability to breathe underwater within a certain area around your Conduit.

How to get Glub Glub hat

To get the Glub Glub hat you will have to complete the achievement “Moskstraumen”. This achievement is unlocked by placing a conduit in a valid Prismarine or a sea lantern structure. This will activate the achievement and reward you with the Glub Glub Hat.

Note: Some users have reported that they are unable to get this item despite completing this achievement. If you are among these users, ensure that cheats are not enabled for your game. If cheats are enabled, then the game will not give you the dedicated rewards for certain achievements. 

Things you will need

  • 17 x Prismarine Blocks (20 recommended)

  • 1 x Heart of the Sea

  • 8 x Nautilus Shell


Let’s start by making the conduit first. Gather all the items mentioned above in your inventory and head over to your crafting table to access the 3×3 crafting grid. Start by placing the ‘Heart of the Sea’ in the middle slot of your crafting grid and surround it by 8 nautilus shells.

Note: This is not a shapeless recipe so make sure you put the ingredients in the exact order mentioned above. If you find it difficult, you can refer to the image below. 

Once you have placed everything correctly, collect the Conduit from the resulting recipe, and place it in your inventory.

Now that you have the conduit in your inventory, collect your Prismarine blocks if you already haven’t and make sure they are available in your inventory.

Start swimming out into the sea and go to the seafloor. Now start by placing 5 Prismarine blocks in a single straight line. Once you do that, stack 4 blocks each on the last block on either end of your straight line.

Note: We recommend using the underwater breathing potion or a turtle shell to perform this task or you might have to surface again and again to catch your breath. 

You should now have a U shaped structure with 5 blocks in each perpendicular line. Complete your shape by adding 3 blocks in the center of the U to form a square. When the square is ready, you should have a 3 x 3 space in the middle of it, if you do not then you do not have the correct structure to unlock this achievement.

Once you have the correct structure, place an additional block in the 3 x 3 space in the middle of your bottom line. This will act as a buffer for the conduit.

Now place your conduit on top of this buffer block. Once placed, equip your pickaxe and remove the block from underneath it. The conduit should now be underwater and surrounded by a 3 x 3 empty space of Prismarine blocks. This should activate the conduit and unlock the “Moskstrauman” achievement for you. Thanks to the conduit, you will now also be able to breathe underneath the water for up to a radius of 48 blocks around the conduit.

How to get the Glub Glub hat via a mod

Note: While modding is not frowned upon in the Minecraft community, certain servers exercise the rule of no mods. So if you plan to use your mod in a multiplayer game, ensure that your server allows the use of mods. While skin mods like this one are only visible to you they may still trigger rules on your server which can get you banned instantly. 

A mod is short for a modified version of the game built independently by users around the world. There are thousands of mods available for Minecraft and are also one of the main reasons for the game’s success. Coming back to the topic, let’s talk about this mod to get hats.

Hats are available unofficially via a small mod developed by iChun during the 96-hour Modjam competition back in 2013. The mod packs in over 78 hats and you can also download additional hats online. So, let’s delve into downloading and installing procedures for this mod.

The Process

First of all, you need to download and install the required version (client or server) of Forge to run a mod.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Forge, you need to visit iChun’s blog and download the Hats mod files.

For Windows, open the run window using the Win+R, type %appdata% and then hit the enter button. This will open the hidden appdata folder on your Windows PC. Now you need to navigate to the .Minecraft folder, and then mods. Copy the downloaded files therein.

For Mac, navigate to  ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/ and create a new folder ‘mods’. Once you create the ‘mods’ folder, copy the Hats mod file and you’re ready to play.

Now that you have installed the Hats mod, it’s quite simple to get any hat. You just need to look for mobs (cows, pigs, horses, zombies, etc.)  wearing any hat and need to kill that mob.

When a mob wearing a hat is killed by the player, the hat will be added to the player’s hat collection. To choose a hat, simply hit ‘H’ on your keyboard and select a hat from the selector GUI. You can also choose to customize the colors of the hats.

glub glub hat bug

We hope this guide helped you easily get the Glub Glub hat in Minecraft. If you have any more questions regarding the game, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below. 

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