Zoom Join with Audio not working on Firefox and Safari? Worry not!

Zoom Firefox Issue

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most modern organizations have started familiarizing themselves with virtual meetings and remote conference calls. Adapting to the new normal hasn’t been easy, but survival rarely is.

Amidst the smog of chaos and uncertainty, Zoom has emerged as an unwavering beacon of clarity. It still has a few quirks here and there, but that hasn’t stopped users from giving the platform a go. Naturally, developers, too, have been doing their best to incorporate Zoom in their compatible applications.

Unfortunately, however, some of them have faced a couple of issues along the way, especially Firefox and Safari users.

Known Zoom problems and their solutions

Join with Audio not supported on Firefox and Safari

Developers haven’t had any luck with computer audio while using the two aforementioned browsers. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, have been running the Zoom SDK, with audio, without a hitch.

When asked, a member of the Zoom development team has come up with a concise answer, stating that Zoom’s Web SDK doesn’t support Firefox/Safari’s WebRTC at the moment and only works on Web Assembly — found on Chrome and Edge. He also added that Firefox would need to adapt Audio worklet API to access the option of joining with audio.

Zoom has also assured that its team wants to extend support for all modern browsers and has already listed the task under its long-term goals.

How to fix?

Well, there is no solution available to the problem but there are reports indicating that Firefox is close to adding support for the Web Assembly that Zoom supports. And it could arrive as soon as next Sunday, May 10th.

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