Galaxy S9: How to fix the One message pending notification at the bottom of the screen

Less than a month since its grand launch at the MWC 2018, the Galaxy S9 smartphone from Samsung has received glowing reviews from the East to the West. With a decent number of pre-orders stacked up, users are not only loving the Galaxy S9 but also scratching their heads trying to get around some of the crude software issues.

Among these issues is the fact that an error stating that “One message pending delivery” keeps popping up at the bottom of the screen for several users. The issue seems to be rampant among Galaxy S9 users on the Sprint network in the US, which leads us to believe that the issue is carrier-related and needs to be fixed by Sprint.

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Until then, there seems to be one way you can get rid of the annoying “One message pending delivery” notification, and it seems to have to do with the Sprint Voicemail service. By disabling the notifications for Sprint Voicemail, users have been able to get rid of the issue, but this would mean that you won’t get notified of incoming voicemails either.

  1. From the home screen of your device, head over to the Settings
  2. Scroll down to find the Apps menu and scroll down to find Sprint Voicemail
  3. Open the Notifications tab and disable the toggle switch to turn off notifications for the app.

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With the notifications for the Sprint Voicemail app completely disabled, you should be able to fix the “One message pending delivery” message for good. Once Sprint issues an update for the Sprint Voicemail app, this issue will most likely be resolved and you can then head back to the same settings to enable notifications for the app.

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  1. I find if I make a call, cancel the call and text – no pending. If I have a text pending I make a call cancel the call and the text goes through.
    You have to wake up the phone for some reason

  2. Thank you, this has been driving me crazy. Hopefully Sprint will fix this soon.

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