How to fix low call volume problem on the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy S8 mobile phone

When it comes to Android mobile devices, the features and software of one are always compared to the flagships. This is why flagship devices like the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy Note 8 are held to a high standard. However, even such high-end devices can come under scrutiny when they fail to deliver on even the most basic functionalities that are asked of a mobile device.

There have been several reports emerging that the phone call quality on the flagship Galaxy devices has been less than satisfactory. Users have experienced not only low call volume issues on their devices, but also find it hard to hear the other person on the phone sometimes. This seems to be a hardware issue rather than a software one, but that doesn’t mean you need to turn in your Galaxy device for repair.

Step 1: Clear out the earpiece

You’d be surprised at how much gunk and dirt your smartphone can pick up as you carry it around in your pocket all day. Some of this gunk can also make its way to the earpiece at the front of the device, especially since it is slightly recessed into the screen and creates the perfect spot for dirt to accumulate.

  1. Using a wooden toothpick, clear out the pockets all around the earpiece of the Galaxy device.
  2. With a dry cotton swab (Q-tip), gently scrub it over the earpiece to collect the dust and dirt particles.
  3. Finally, give the earpiece a good blow to dislodge any of the remaining dirt that may still be stuck to it.

Step 2: Clean the microphone port

The way microphone on mobile devices are designed is that they not only receive your sound and relay it to the receiver, but also control the sound sensitivity. For instance, Galaxy devices have multiple microphones, one noise canceling headphone at the top of the device and one at the bottom.

  1. Using a wooden toothpick, clear out any dirt or dust that may have accumulated over the microphone ports.
  2. If you have a skin installed over the phone or a protector case over it, make sure that it isn’t covering the microphone ports at the top and bottom of the phone.

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Step 3: Inspect your screen protector

The Infinity Edge display on the Galaxy S8, S9 and the Note 8 is iconic, but it also makes it much harder for the regular screen protectors to offer complete coverage. If you have installed a screen protector on your Galaxy device, make sure that isn’t physically obstructing the earpiece.

An overwhelming number of users have found this simple fix does the trick in resolving the low sound during calls issue on Galaxy devices. Additionally, you could also try the following quick tips to get a quick fix to the issue.

  • During a phone call, press the Speaker button and then press it again to see if the low call volume fixes itself.
  • If you have network apps running in the background, they could be interfering with the phone call quality. Try clearing background apps before you answer a call to see if the issue is fixed.

Which one of these fixes helped you best to get the sound clarity and voice quality you expect from a flagship Galaxy phone? We look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below.

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