How To Fix Hard Bricked Nexus 6, including qhsub_bulk error

The Nexus 6 flashaholics who are stuck with a dead Nexus 6, hard bricked because of one of the flashing adventurous turning sour, including flashing the CM12 ROM on Android 5.1 update, have something to cheer for. A cool guy from Brazil by the moniker of opssemnik has come with a one click solution — a .bat file, you see! — to bring your Nexus 6 back to life, albeit you do need to do sort-of preparation first before being able to utilize the power of .bat file. Btw, it needs mention that all this was made possible by incredible help from @ccfries and Casper34, the former sharing the secret stuff for helping the community — god bless you!

→ Download all required files from the source page here

You’ll have to deal with a tedious process of installing drivers of both Motorola and Qualcomm, and then make sure that ADB is working fine and your phablet connects well with PC using ADB. Also, it should be appearing as Qualcomm HS-USB QD-Loader 9008 under “COM PORTS” when you connect it to PC. Rest is easy, just run the blank-flash.bat which will reset the device, so that your are able to flash the factory images of Nexus 6 to get it back to stock — pretty easy stuff for you if you’ve managed to hard brick and recovery it to this point!

Via XDA (source link is above)
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